There’s a game

all the high school seniors play in my area called Senior Tag. The entire senior class splits up into teams of four. And teams are eliminated by being shot by nerf guns. You can be shot anywhere at anytime. The mall. A Wendy’s. Outside my apartment at 6 am before school starts.  

It involves a lot of teenagers trespassing on other people’s property and hiding in bushes. 

Cut to this morning, and I hear the distinct sounds of my crazy neighbor yelling and cursing at the top of lungs. I think nothing of it until I hear him yell for his wife to go get his gun. Now, against my better judgement, I peak through my door to see what’s going on. Once I peak, I know exactly what’s happening. There are four incredulous looking black teenagers wearing dark clothing and standing behind an SUV holding bright orange nerf guns and my Crazy Neighbor turning inside to receive his gun from his equally crazy wife. 

At this point I run outside half naked, screaming at Crazy Neighbor to calm the fuck down. They’re not real guns. They’re bright orange. They’re not real guns. Calm the fuck down. As are the four youths who immediately start backing away. Mercifully, it’s this exact moment that the local police decide to make their appearance. And slowly, with the help of the four youths, me, and six white police officers, Crazy Neighbor finally seems able to grasp the situation and calms down.

But not before sharing this gem, “The only reason I hesitated, is because I didn’t want another George Zimmerman situation to happen.”

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  1. whitegrills said: holy shIT
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  3. theblueprint said: jesus christ. that shit was a classic example of “bought guns, can’t wait to use them” good lookin, playboy.
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