In case you were wondering, I accidentally rubbed espresso in my eye. It burns. On the upside this is the most energetic I’ve ever felt.

Magnolia Electric Co.

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Artist: Songs: Ohia
Track: Almost Was Good Enough
Album: Magnolia Electric Co.
Label: Secretly Canadian
Year: 2003

RIP Jason Molina

Drinking a 40oz and blogging while talking a shower. Whoever ghostwrites my autobiography fifty years from now, please include this moment.

I went to SXSW and all I got was this superiority complex.

*inhales deeply* First day of marathon training. *exhales deeply* Time to bandaid my nipples.

I celebrated the last day of Black History Month yesterday by still not understanding the appeal of Michael Bublé.


catch me reusing a bottle of fiji so the shawties think im ballin


40 plays


Harlem - Pissed

I sit around all day
Waiting for the call
That I’m gonna ignore

*snapchat of me after the Valentine’s show eating Rally’s and singing Do What You Want To My Body softly to my mushroom swiss burger*


I can show you the dollar menu.

Every time I date a girl. I’m Aladdin to their generic Disney princess. Street rat. But I don’t have a wise talking genie or a magic carpet so the shit don’t end well.

I consider myself a philanthropist because when something has 69 likes, I won’t like it. Even if I do like it. For the greater good.


Life Advice; Killer Mike

Bout to drop off my resume attached to a box of wine.